Transmission faults

Watching as the horse drawn carriage
takes the couple to a marriage
and the crowd ‘s all cheering loudly
don’t you know,

that’s not it yet
that’s the football
on the television set.


watch the happy couple sing their vows
as the vicar raises his eyebrows and
wishes for them many happy years to come
then there’s cheering and
there’s waving
but that’s someone saving penalties
we’re in extra time and
the game is still not won

and here’s
the point,

if you easily get the needle it’s far
better if you’re single,
co-habit if you have to we
don’t care
getting wed is just the bed you make
designed to make your ears ache
the dishes in the sink will wait for me
and me and me,

so if you see a horse carriage
don’t be thinking it’s a marriage
it might just be your own funeral
and the only guest arriving
will be you.

© 2018, John Smallshaw.