Wind chimes

To a greater or lesser degree
are all captive in our own world
we make the rules and yet
abide by them only when
it suits us.

Nothing interferes within our spheres
of influence
but we are influenced too easily
fall into the traps so greedily
and are eaten by the giants that
saw us coming from miles away.

because we wear Nike
does not make us
not even from the old days,

we believe in the hype and that’s
where they’ve got us
which is
between a rock and an overdraft.

I’d sooner go barefoot than
hand over hard earned
to advertise
which advertise makers,

make what you want of it
then sit out the party
on the porch of your ancestors
dreaming of the Dorchester or of
somewhere in Manchester

it’s your world
you can do as you want.

© 2018, John Smallshaw.