Admit one

To give the Devil his due,
that old demon lets everyone through.

God’s got the ticket or rather he has a ticket machine,
you pull out a number and wait in the dream for your turn,
‘have you been saintly? if not you’ll burn’

and you can’t tell a lie because your life’s been
on the celestial circuit TV (cctv for short)

and if you have been without blemish or sin
it’s an odds on chance that you will get in.

but it must be deserted up there
they’re all at the party and the devil
don’t care.

The son of Man
and that was God’s plan?

Give me that old testament time
smite all the sinners and that would include me.
my talents are buried beneath the oak tree.
which never works as an excuse

I have me a vague hunch that
there will be a plague and
at a crunch
I’d say it will arrive
after lunch,

locusts on a full stomach?

and what nationality are you sir?
he answers,
which is really the rehearsal for
what is to come.

© 2018, John Smallshaw.