Light on the heavy duty

This mind I call my own
slightly overgrown
needs some tending
and a bit of mending

send in the crew who
do what they do
when they
whittle away at dead wood.

Speaking of Deadwood,
the musical was dead good

See what I mean about my mind?
it functions okay
but the junctions need clearing.

If I found the philosophers stone
it would probably be
to heavy for me
to carry,

fighting against the odds
battling with the ancient gods
who write on papyrus
‘admire us’
or you will be smote,

take note
smiting is right in
with the ancients.

when order is created and
chaos becomes outdated
it’ll probably be the time for
to be cremated,

I’ll wait before calling in
the crew.

© 2018, John Smallshaw.