Home ( less)
is where the start is,
when you become a magnet
for misfortune and a scapegoat
for those who would look down on
those who’d pass you by without
a second glance

by some grace be it God’s or some other
deities there are places
where though ill
at ease you can find a moment to forget the
trials, the tribulation, the awfulness of your current

The universe spins on a pin and things change,
you might begin to see the light
I said, might, it’s difficult to alter one’s perception
when the view you have is limited, but hope, that
which springs eternal is something you should never

Living proof,
A roof over my head
not dead

it takes time and sometimes a long time
and the magnet you became seems to
get stronger the longer you’re down on your

But you must engage even when disengagement
seems preferable or inevitable,
there is nothing more frightening or terrible than to
be totally alone.

It’s not easy, but to be honest nothing is easy that’s
worth anything and your worth is inestimable,
your resources are legend
you just need to tap in to them.

© 2018, John Smallshaw.