Caught unawares

It becomes interesting only when you are interested or have a vested interest in whatever thing becomes interesting.

are you a
disinterested party goer?
I know a
few of them.

Start Sunday and why not?
a day to take a pop at religion
or if you like
a day to make friends with a God.

even odd people believe in something.

I believe in magic
tricks of the light
monsters that shape
the night.

‘More pain’,
he said,
with a grimace
pulling a face while
the mirror looked on.

The bear trap
snaps shut,
stage left
and what is left?
skin and bone,
you’ll get the engaged tone
or the answering machine
muzac that’s crap,

‘please hold’. your call is
important to us’

heard it all before,
and we all know
Intel is at the core
of it.

your identity is being stolen
secreted away to be used
against you
and who is to blame?


the gnomes of Zurich
the witches of Eastwick
the friars of Cripplegate
all at the garden gate
making a path to your

© 2018, John Smallshaw.