Mach 2.4

The closer we get to get closer to be
is a s close as we get to being free.

is that a paradox?

what’s that anyway?
just a difference
of opinion?

I’m trying to figure out
what it is
that I’m trying to figure out

is there an equation
that equates to that situation?

I’m occasionally juxtaposing,
but just supposing I’m not
what if
this is as close as I get?

Is there an answer and
nobody answers,
is this the
cat in the box?

can I
ignore a Pandora
that cries out to be noticed?

I’m going fishing
in the chemical waste
that the river became,
the one that drove us
all insane,
but it’s okay
they had insurance for
that eventuality.

© 2018, John Smallshaw.