Christmas corral

It never bothers us in the least
that three wise men
travelled in from the East
to see a homeless one
the one they called
the son of man

It’s not new and it’s not
‘Old hat’
it is what it is
no more than that,

But we never learn
we still turn people out
of their home
to leave them in
some tragedy of
a ‘twilight zone’

and I don’t think I’m alone
in thinking that’s not fair.

Christmas is coming
the sun longer shines
for Tom out in all weathers
who remembers better times.

a gift for him?
slim chance
that’s better than no chance
which he believes is what
he’s got.

There are those and them and in between the shadows that we all have seen there are those who used to be and them who still can dream,

© 2018, John Smallshaw.