The stream

What I failed to understand is
how much a hand you had in this,
the many times I almost did,
but never,
not very bright or clever
and still
I kick against it

involved too much in it
too close to see it and
too far away to enjoy it

and yet
aware of it
even frightened sometimes
by it,
your hand was always in it.

Who do we look to
when in the mirror
I see you?

The life we file away for another day
when another day is the same life
looked at in a different way.

I am getting to the place in time
where things begin to make some sense,

A destination shall unfold
unform the creases on my face
cross boundaries of creed and race

was the key
the unlocking of me
and I see
the transformation.

© 2018, John Smallshaw.