can project on any screen
sights that we have seen
places where we want to go
and places where we’ve been

but I can never get your picture right
too much or not too much too light
and conversations that we’ve toyed with
give another problem,
how can we replay the scene?
subtitles cast to a different screen?

Silent movies move me to a more
convenient time
where they mouth off with the sound off.

It’s Sunday in the Shires
we’ll have beef for dinner
and later,
port and brandy for the
guests, a game of
charades for those little pests
(bedtime soon for them)

best known for puddings
not all of them proper and
not all of them men.

seems I slipped a gear
and ended where I am
right here
still looking at the screen.

© 2018, John Smallshaw.