They took China out from every equation,
but the Orient wasn’t the major problem.
they that never look at the shadows cast
yet stand before the mast as Captains
of the ships
should come to grips with what is wrong
or it’s going to be
a seeya later, sayonara and tomorrow

It’s Sunday,
done the church thing, heard the bells ring,
seen the vicar bring the cross to life,
gave and willingly my tithe and
it feels good to be alive.

Christ and my feigning of an ignorance
meets with some resistance
but persistence pays good dividends
I try to tie up all loose ends with..
..the Philipines so full of promise
broke my dreams,
I wandered in and through
returning as I do
back to Honshu

If this was idle talk I’d obfuscate and
try to escape a painful conversation
make an objection
the awkward erection is irrelevant
a bit like China really.

© 2018, John Smallshaw.