Canned kebab

Tried it,
I even fried it,
have you tried it?

If there was ever a plan for a man to eat spam
they’d have found a new way to prepare it.

Reggie went Veggie and Megan went Vegan, which doesn’t rhyme
because Reggie never took the time to understand what a Vegan was,

But it’s all a bit 0z,
( the place, not the magazine )

I have seen it on the goggle box
witches wearing stripey socks
a talking tin can
( probably ate some of the spam)
a scarecrow
a lion?

I think it’s a bit of a try on

Imagine an alcohol sea
filled with a vast quantity
‘what’s your poison?’
would you still hold on
to me?


but it’s pray day
similar to pay day.
you don’t get paid.

I wish they’d play away
on Sunday.

© 2019, John Smallshaw.