Cats cradle

Images and
get your Nikes on
we’re going for a run.

something Icarus or precarious
about squinting at the Sun,

shades required.

He’s still there at
Trafalgar Square,
pound coins in his hat
pigeon shit in his hair,
going anywhere
why should I care?

Some try to tell me,
I don’t see what I see,
I see
only what I want to see,

that doesn’t sound like me.

Imagine taking a brass rubbing
of grass growing,
on your marks, get set,
better yet
get going.

Five points for a line
ten for two that rhyme,

Teddy says,
goodnight to you,
goodnight to Rumplestiltskin
goodnight, old woman in the shoe,
goodnight to everyone he knows or knew,
goodnight and god bless
the nursey crew.

© 2019, John Smallshaw.