What is real?

reality television comes a very poor second to the moment you’re living in and some live for that moment only to be rubbed out by the artificial lighting of virtual reality which is only virtually real.

Illusionists are only good if you fall for the illusion
most do leading me to ask again,
what is real?

Special effects that affect only a few, it’s
only a trick to those who know what they do
and how it is done,
real for some though.

When I pass like a ghost through the walls when I dream, where love calls, is that real?
thoughts flow like blood and congeal on the floor, but there’s
always more blood, another flood in which to drown.

and sometimes when I’m wondering I am wondering, is this real?
how do I feel and is that real?

I really don’t know and I don’t know
if that’s real or not.

© 2019, John Smallshaw.