Flying backwards


We think that it’s 
about the dream
until we wake

And what makes us come awake
Is the feeling we can’t take itSo we dream again

It’s a failure
which some would say does not exist
to them I’d say
you’ve missed the point

I keep coming back
to keep on track
to find the right way

isn’t that like reincarnation?

The never ending journey
to find me
and me means we in case
you’re in any doubt.

and with
one foot in the grave
before we even start
where the autopsy room
Is here and therein they’ll
find the pieces of a once
strong beating heart

don’t fret
we’ve got time and more
to realign

sign up for living
for giving yourself a break
making the dream a reality
taking a moment to stop and see
for being.

© 2019, John Smallshaw.