Horseshoe corner and beyond

The day came in and it was like
bowling nine pins,
we all went down to the market town,
kids on a mission to have some fun.
Fred, the fruit and veg man who had just opened up his stall gave us all a Granny Smith’s,
green and sweet and the fish man in the fish van
smelled like Morecambe bay on a bad day, but his fish
were top notch.
second-hand books worth more than second-hand looks,
we devoured them and then devoured some more,
Fine Fare
always a laugh to run through there
and chip shop where we’d stop to catch
our breath and sometimes lunch.
Penny Street, a good name and China street,
worlds apart but felt the same,
the rocking horse store
the library
should have been put in the museum
for posterity,
just racing along up memory lane
until the lights go out.

© 2019, John Smallshaw.