Part two

We haven’t woke up to the fact
that we won’t wake up to the facts.

There are definitely blue birds over
those off white things in Dover, but
they used to be as happy as larks.

Moving on and we’re moving off
the tube’s gone without so much
as a by your leave.

I woke up at three fifty four
a helluva’n hour to open
one’s eyes
and what’s more, it’s Thursday,
that day between Wednesday
and the weekend
which is a bit like limbo
but without the dance.

Three stops away from the rest
of the day and I want to get off,

and yet there’s an energy
inside of me
ready to burst forth

it’s probably the Lucozade.

This line goes under the Thames
I wonder if there’s a tube under
the Styx?

the ferryman must have retired
by now.

© 2019, John Smallshaw.