Tapping keys

What happens when you run out of things to see?
No more
‘I Spy’ when your eyes have seen it all
no more football on the pitch,
but there’s always one more stitch to drop
one more handball at the ‘Kop’
all’s not lost
or not lost yet?

I bet there are other games to play when stuck indoors on any day and Thursday is an any day so let’s find some more games to play,

Games like:
indoor volleyball
scuba diving in the bath
I’d say hide and seek
(we played that game last week and
I’m still looking)
read a book a day
make a film
stage a play
lost of games to do today, tomorrow, next week
more hide and seek
more volleyball
back to ‘I Spy’
name them all.

© 2020, John Smallshaw.