This one from that one

Welcome home.

the last resort and the predator’s report for duty.

You want it when you want it and if you don’t it won’t sway you, say, you a predator too? Some sugar is a spice to entice men because men are easily led. We buy what you sell. cross our hearts not to tell, but we’re liars.

In lock-up and locked down which is like two for the price of one or
buy one get one, see one free one and it goes on.

But and we all love a but,
it will end or the end will be determined by those determined enough to determine it which is a bit like let’s see what happens.

In the meantime and not necessarily in Greenwich
keep well and keep writing, it’s the only way to let the light in,
yea! I know,
Cohen had a different idea but here we lack the cracks so just relax and write.

© 2020, John Smallshaw.