A thimbleful of Thallium

And you have to pretend that this is the first time and it’ll be different from the last time, because really you know, that this is just another time that you’re pretending,

someone said the end is in sight
someone said that night follows day
someone always says something which means nothing, how can it?
how can we believe anything when we’re told everything which means nothing?

I’m washing my hands again,
wash after going to the bathroom
wash after being on the keyboard,
I see the circular and will it ever stop?

it’s just a punctuation,
someone else said that
or it might have been me
pretending it was someone else

I think we’re all someone else now
or the tin man looking for a heart.

at least the movies move me
mostly from the chair
sometimes out of myself
to tap dance through this
mal de mer
to pretend that it’s not me
at sea,
sitting there

© 2020, John Smallshaw.