Done and we are

We never think because we never do, we just assume that we’ll all pull through, almost as if the needle and thread are all in the head,
one day because I can’t multitask I will ask the right questions, put sixpence in the slot and get lots of answers,
but not today, I can’t afford to fritter my money away,

do fritters remind you of spam?
my mam made lots of them back then
in the poor times when we were richer.

paradox, odd socks, even numbers, more questions, the giant slumbers, Arthur in Camelot trotting out his knights, totting up the nights spent with Guinevere, we’re lucky we don’t know where dreams go when they fail, Tintagel and the holy grail, British Rail, Leyland? just a memory that floats in British steel.

I got the feel for living with the dead
the needle and the thread
sewing it all together.,

© 2020, John Smallshaw.