The new Eden

The homeless queuing up and waiting for the park to open
to grab an hour or two before the day breaks them yet again and the sandwich man comes around at ten with soup and bread they break again
at midday, halfway, somewhere some way some one comes to read a passage from the bible which is about the strength of it,
do your bit and rewards will come, (the church being worth a tidy sum)
begging’s just a business but maybe not for those who beg.

Missions spawning missions when the answer’s in inclusion,

tarred and feathered whether or not and it’s usually not because a lot of the time we haven’t got time to think to ourselves this is a crime and what a crime it is,

never mind we’ll disregard the young and haunted, the hunted, shutting out and shunting off such dreadful thoughts.

will take the cat out, dog out, budgie out of control,
everything squawks,
everyone walks away,

the peaches are almost ripe now
but they’re ring fenced
it’s an offence
to take a bite,
we might anyway
it being only halfway somewhere

I’m tired of being tired of it
time to do something about it.

© 2020, John Smallshaw.